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The mailing list archives contain all messages sent to the gnttype mailing list since it's inception in May 1992. This archive is required browsing for all members of the mailing list. By browsing the mailing list archives, we can help avoid repeat topics on the list and keep traffic to a tolerable limit. The messages are saved in a compressed format native to Unix ("gzip" not the more familiar Windows "ZIP" format), grouped by month, and compressed. The files are stored in the following format: gnttype.YYMM.gz where YY represents the year and MM represents the month. For example, February 1994 files would be located in the file gnttype.9402.gz. The current months messages are stored in the file gnttype. To read the archives of the mailing list, you must first download the compressed file to your machine using FTP, then decompress it using one of the utilities below.
  • Search by Message Title/Subject/Keywords
    These search engines will look for the entered word or phrase within the message. This will help to locate the digest files to download.
  • Download Decompression Software
    The following are links to programs available for decompressing the unix gzip format on the indicated operating systems:
  • Download a Previous Archive
    Select the month and year of archive you'd like to download from the menus below. Note that the first archive available is May, 1992 and the last archive available will be from the previous month of this year. If you attempt to download an archive that is not available, you will receive an error message.

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