Featured Car - Donald Mudrich's 1987 Grand National

Houston, we have lift off ...

Donald's father originally bought this car in 1997 from the original owner with only 27,000 miles on it. It was factory bone stock when he purchased it for $10,500 and it was to be Donald's first car (he was only 15 at the time!) His 16th birthday found him holding the keys to this gem (and making payments to his Dad!) He's been driving it ever since, having it serve him well all through high school and now college.

In the summer of 2001, Donald got a case of "gofastitus" and began really learning about his sinister ride via the Internet, primarily via GNTTYPE.org and turbobuick.com. He wisely started slowly, following a conservative bolt-on Recipe approach, leveling off with a string of low 12s with the stock turbo and injectors, transmission cooler, RJC Powerplate, race chip, slicks, race gas, TurboLink, and 3" downpipe. Best in that trim was a 12.20@112.25 mph.

Of course, that's never enough, so he has upgraded the turbo and injectors and has a new goal of mid 11s on the original unopened long block. The car retains it's driveability and good manners (and has recently been driving on a 3000 mile vacation). It now shows 85,000 miles. He should continue to enjoy his GN well into the future!


  • 4" Big Mouth cold air induction system
  • TE-44 Turbo-charger built by Precision Turbo & Engine
  • LS1 Mass Air Flow Sensor & Translator
  • Custom 93 street and 110 race chips programmed by Precision Turbo & Engine
  • Poston's 3" downpipe
  • 2.5" Hooker exhaust system w/ Hooker AeroChamber mufflers
  • Poston's driver side header
  • Walbro GSS 307 fuel pump w/ Casper Electronics fuel pump hotwire upgrade kit
  • Casper’s heated O2 sensor kit
  • Accufab adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Delphi50 lb/hr fuel injectors
  • RJC Racing power plate for stock plenum
  • 160 degree thermostat & throttle body coolant lines blocked
  • Engine torque strap

Transmission/Rear End

  • Transmission cooler


  • 30 psi VDO boost gauge mounted on A-pillar holder
  • Kenne-Bell hood mounted 100 psi fuel pressure gauge
  • Casper's Knock & VDO water temperature gauges inside console twin gauge holder


  • Rear suspension coil spring air bags
  • Track:
    • Stock rims
    • 28x9x15 Mickey Thompson E/T Drag Slicks
  • Street:
    • GNX style rims
    • BF Goodrich 265/50/16 Radial T/As

Planned Modifications

  • Terry Houston 3” downpipe with dump
  • V4 stock location intercooler
  • ATR rear sway bar
  • SMC alcohol injection system

Donald F. Mudrich
AOL Instant Messenger Screen Name - d0n 3d


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