Featured Car - Bobby Twiford's 1989 GTA with a TTA motor

Wait a minute ... that's no ordinary GTA!

Bobby loves the shock factor when he opens the hood and nobody can understand what all the "stuff" is. Of course, all the "car show experts" are completely baffled by a V6 nestled between the shock towers and often "advise" Bobby to "put a 350 in that thing". Bobby just lets them rant, since he knows there's little hope of getting them to see the "Darkside".

Bobby attends school in Phoenix, AZ at the moment, but is originally from Long Island, NY. He delights in the relative obscurity of the car (just another GTA) until he spools it up and everyone wonders what the heck that noise is! He's even garnered respect from the local hardcore VW enthusiasts ... grudging respect, since they hate anything domestic, but it's hard to ignore this car when it blows past you!


  • Poston 110T Cam
  • Poston Hi-Rev Lifters
  • Stage II Turbocharger
  • Stock Injectors
  • Stock Intercooler
  • Ported and Polished TTA Heads
  • 3" Inch Downpipe
  • Thasher 92 Octane Chip
  • Port Matched Intake Manifold

Transmission/Rear End

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R
  • Poston 2800 stall torque converter
  • 10 Vane pump
  • Shift Kit


  • Original GTA Tan Leather with TTA dash installed
  • Boost and A/F gauges on the A pillar
  • Aiwa MP3 Stereo with Infinity Reference 4x6 speakers in front and 3 way 6x9 speakers in the rear


  • Edelbrock Hotchkiss Panhard Rod
  • Edelbrock Hotchkiss Traction Bars
  • Edelbrock HotchkissRear Sway Bar
  • Wheels and Tires
    • GTA Gold Mesh Rims with WS-6 Center Caps
    • Eagle GS-C 225/45-ZR16 in the front
    • Eagle GS-C 245/45-ZR16 in the back


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Bobby Twiford


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