Featured Car Greg Wentz's 1987 Grand National
Featured Car
Greg Wentz's 1987 Grand National... a bit of Southwestern Salsa! ...
This beautiful example of a Grand National belongs to Greg Wentz from New Mexico. The GN is what Greg calls a "driver" since it has 154,000 miles on it. Greg is the second owner and as far as he can tell the engine has never been apart. It is mostly stock with a few recipe items...

Greg has gotten as much as 29 mpg average to Pueblo Colorado and back. This was a 500 mile plus trip. One unique feature this car has is the CF5 Silver Astro Roof option!!


  • Untouched stock block 3.8
  • K&N Filter
  • Tranny Cooler
  • Pinion snubber
  • Oil and Temp Gauges
Greg Wentz

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