Featured Car Ken Mosher's 1987 Grand National
Featured Car
Ken Mosher's 1987 GN when it was brand new!
Ken ordered this car from the factory in October of 1986 and took delivery in March of 1987. Since then, with the combined knowledge of many people in the Turbo Regal Community, a Recipe for a nice streetable combination evolved ... Ken's best ET to date has been an 11.21 @ 121.4 MPH (with a weight of 3640 lbs). The car regularly sixty foots in the mid 1.5 range and still gets 20+ MPG. It's become more of a "garage queen" in the recent years, due to time constraints, but it's still a kick to drive on nice days with the tops out!



  • Stock block with ARP main studs
  • Home ported heads with ARP studs and Fel Pro 1007 wireloc gaskets
  • ATR RP313 206/200 cam
  • Roller rockers
  • BRC forged pistons
  • TA61 stock appearing turbo
  • Stretched intercooler
  • Home made cold air intake system
  • ATR 3" downpipe with external gate
  • 009 injectors
  • ATR 3.5" Stainless exhaust
  • ATR adjustable fuel pressure regulator


  • PMAC extra clutches in 3rd and 4th gear
  • 10 vane pump
  • B&M TransPak shift kit
  • STOCK (as in GM Stock out of the box) converter
  • Driveshaft loop


  • TurboLink monitoring tool
  • In console boost adjustment
  • Homemade Boxed control arms (upper and lower rears)
  • Red Armstrong chips
  • AutoMeter Phantom series boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, water temp gauge in Lotek pods
  • Chulpsa EGT monitoring system
  • Custom Roll bar wtih dual swing outs (removeable) by Tony Smith of Omaha

Ken Mosher

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