Featured Car Fred Keene's 1986 T Type
Featured Car
Something about the black out trim and dark windows tells you this isn't Gramma's Regal ....
Fred says that the car is about 80% restored with a fresh paint job, engine work and a unique transmission combination. Performance to date is a 14.08@104 MPH (enough MPH for 12s if he gets traction...at that time the car was "peglegged", had 6 year old BFG street tires on the rear that were hardened and dry rotted and the tranny had a nasty 2-3 gear flair up). Despite those challenges, it was Fred's first time racing and he had a BLAST!



  • Stock 231 bored 60 over (yeah, its high)
  • Hypereutectic aluminum pistons
  • Chomoly pushrods
  • Modified AC Delco fuel pump
  • Fuel pump hot wire kit
  • 36lb injectors
  • Casper's Ultra thumbwheel chip
  • Chrome MAF pipe
  • 9in. K&N Filter
  • 160 deg thermostat
  • Upper billet adjustablefuel pressure regulator
  • Adjustable wastegate
  • Breather bypass kit
  • 10mm Magnacor wires


  • Tranny is a switchpitch TH-400 with a 1400rpm lo-stall/ 4000rpm hi-stall convertor built by Jim Bureck from P.A.E in El Paso, TX


  • Fuel pressure gauge on the rail
  • VDO water temperature gauge
  • VDO oil pressure gauge
  • VDO 30lb boost gauge
  • Positraction rear end
Fred Keene

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