Featured Car Scott North's 1984 Turbo Riviera T-Type
Featured Car
Scott's NHRA Record setting Turbo Riviera T-Type ... poised to surprise yet another victim!
Photos courtesy of Rich Carlson Photography (www.horsepowerheaven.com) and Laser Imaging
Scott's ride is a front wheel drive Buick Riviera T-Type of which only approximately 1100 were made in 1984. Notice the slicks on the FRONT wheels? Scott has a very impressive list of accomplishments in this unique and rare turbocharged Buick (as listed below). What's really amazing is that he purchased the car in 1997 about $900! Since then it has been raced weekly at Rocky Mountain Raceway in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Scott has also attended 8 Federal Mogul Division races in Denver, CO. Boise, ID. Phoenix AZ. Salt Lake City, UT. and 2 NHRA National events in Topeka, KS. and Las Vegas NV. 1999 Sears Craftsman ET Finals.


  • 2 time NHRA National record holder in Stock eliminator
  • 1998 Craftsman ET Series Street Legal 3rd place finish at Rocky Mountain Raceway
  • 1999 Craftsman ET Series Street Legal runner-up at Rocky Mountain Raceway
  • Multiple bracket race winner
  • 2 time NHRA AF/SA Stock Class winner
  • 5 time #1 qualifier at various NHRA Division and National events

Performance milestones:

  • Bone stock: 16.90 ET @ 4400 ft. elevation
  • Best run un-corrected 13.63 @ 98.90 (Heartland Park Topeka, KS approx 1200 ft elevation)
  • NHRA National Record in AF/SA class with a corrected 13.61 @ 99.15 set in Boise Id. April '99
  • Best 60 foot time: 1.869 Boise Id. April '99

Rules for NHRA Stock Eliminator

For those of you who are not familiar with these classes here's a brief explanation. There are many restrictions applied to cars that compete in these STOCK classes. Some of the basics are:

  • Absolutely NO porting of intake or heads
  • Stock turbo must be retained in original configuration
  • Camshaft must retain stock lift specifications
  • Tire size is limited to 9" wide,
  • Minimum shipping weight plus 170 lbs for driver must be maintained.

Basically you can breath on it here and there, but the car must maintain the general OEM apperance and parts.



  • Stock 231 NON-intercooled SFI (75,000 original miles!)
  • Stock turbo
  • Stock cylinder heads (unported)
  • Stock intake manifold (unported)
  • K&N filter
  • Aluminum radiator
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator
  • Red Armstrong XP pump
  • Red Armstrong chip
  • '87 TR ECM/MAF/MAT
  • VP C-16 Fuel
  • Custom fabricated headers and crossover
  • Lotsa boost!


  • TCI torque converter mated to a TH-325-4L transmission
  • 3.36:1 differential ratio

Ooops! That's not supposed to happen! Another snapped axle...
Photos courtesy of Rich Carlson Photography (www.horsepowerheaven.com) and Laser Imaging


  • Weight: 3810 lbs with driver and 5 gallons of fuel
  • VDO tachometer
  • Autometer boost gauge
  • Hoosier 26x9x15 slicks
  • Weld drag lite wheels
  • Custom machined 4340 CV axles for front wheel drive (see the picture for the reason why!)
  • Adjustable shocks
  • Rear air bags
  • Sony CD player for tunes at the track (aren't Buicks GREAT?)
  • Fresh Audi silver base/clear paint in August '99

Future plans:

  • More suspension work to hook up those front hides better
  • Lunati Stock Elminator legal camshaft
  • More boost
  • More timing
  • 12.99!
Scott North

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