Featured Car Isaac Simmon's 1987 Grand National
Featured Car
Isaac Simmons' 1987 Stock Grand National - "Black Night"
Isaac tells us he bought this car in pristine stock condition from a 70 year old ex-Forumla 1 racer from Ireland! The ex-racer said that he loved the acceleration, and beating his son in his Maserati bi-turbo from the line.

Issac hasn't gone to the track yet, but has taught a new religion to alot of rice-burners, BMW's, and the like. He's only lost a street "contest" to one other car and that was another T-Type that was modified.



  • Stock 231
  • Stock turbo
  • Stock intercooler
  • Custom exhaust


  • stock


  • Continue to tweak and improve
Isaac Simmons

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