Featured Car Steve Bantz's 1987 Turbo Regal
Featured Car
Steve Bantz's 1987 Turbo Regal - "One Quick 6"
Steve has owned this car for two years and he tells us that "I think I have finally found the car I plan to keep for a lifetime."

Steve's ultra clean Turbo Regal is a Canadian model painted in a gorgeous dark garnet red metallic and is considered to be one of the lighter Regals produced since it lacks many power options, cruise, and tilt. Steve doesn't actively race the car, but it has made a pass or two just to see what the car would do. On P235/60-15 street tires and pump gas, it made a very traction limited (read smokey) run of 13.23@109mph! That's VERY respectable ... the MPH is plenty for mid/low 12s with traction.

Steve says, " I was very happy with it [the E.T] since that is how it is driven on the street. I don't have any plans to try it with more boost and race gas, but I have purchased Weld Pro Star wheels and P275/50 -15BFG Drag Radials to give it a meaner look on the street." The added traction ought to pretty much guarantee a 12 second street trim run!

Steve thinks that the Turbo Regal is so much fun because it dishes out its fair share of surprises to the new generation of muscle cars. Nothing brings more joy to him than showing the new LS1 and Cobra owners that you just aren't going to disappear in the rear view mirror like other cars of the era. Even after13+ years, the Turbo Regal still commands a great deal of respect among the car community, and deservedly so. Steve takes pride in his car and it is a great feeling just to get behind the wheel knowing that ample horsepower is just a pedal away.



  • Stock 231
  • TE44 turbocharger
  • 3" downpipe
  • Blue top injectors
  • Hot wired Walbro 307 fuel pump
  • Accufab Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Thrasher 92 EPROM (chip)
  • Stock intercooler
  • Custom exhaust

Transmission/Rear End

  • stock THM200-4R
  • stock GM positration 8.5" rear


  • Weld ProStar wheels
  • Kenwood CD player
  • A-pillar Oil Pressure Gauge
  • A-pillar Boost Gauge
  • Console mounted Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Console mounted Air/Fuel Monitor
Steve Bantz

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