Featured Car - Art Paltz's 1987 Grand National
Featured Car
Art 's low mileage beauty - this picture was taken about a month after it was bought new in January of 1988
Art's pride and joy only has 17,000 original miles on the clock and has gone as quick as 12.19 @ 115 MPH on P235/60 BFG Drag Radials on STOCK rims, pump gas and alcohol injection! This run was at 23 psi of boost with a traction limited 1.81 short time through the full exhaust system. With that sort of MPH, Art is definitely in the high 11s with better traction.

Art has installed air bags and the big ATR rear sway bar and has since run some 1.68 short times. Art's GN isn't a "lightweight" by anyone's standard, weighing a whopping 3885 lbs with driver!

This car was a "show room" car at Aamon Buick in Rahway, NJ. It was in the window long after production of the Turbo Regals was ceased, due to the fact that "having it in the window continued to draw people in". Art showed up the day after it had been removed from the window, put a down payment on it on the spot, and then drove his new baby home the next week. The picture above was taken shortly after Art bought it ... notice the raised letter tires and missing hood emblems (they were knocked off during the polishing for delivery prep)... they were replaced a few weeks later.



  • Stock 231
  • TA49 Turbocharger
  • 15 Row "stretch" stock location intercooler
  • Terry Houston Downpipe
  • ATR Stainless Steel exhaust
  • Jay Carter alcohol injection system

Transmission/Rear End

  • Stock THM200-4R
  • Shift kit
  • Precision Industries 9.5" 3000 stall lockup converter
  • Air bags
  • ATR sway bar


  • T-Tops
  • Power driver's side seat
  • Tilt wheel
  • Limited slip
  • Full size spare tire
  • Raised white letter tires
Art Paltz

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