Featured Car - Andrew Scott's 1987 Grand National
Featured Car
A unique wheel choice sets this Grand National apart...
Andrew's 1987 Grand National is remarkably stock ... and looks like a stock car with those wheels! (OK, sorry for the pun)! However, it fits this car... almost everything about this car is BONE stock! It is an exceptional example of a hardtop GN .... It only has 19,920 original miles and has gone a best of 9.442 @ 73.39 (in teh 1/8th) in 90 degree heat and 95% humidity.



  • Stock 231
  • Stock Turbocharger
  • Stock intercooler
  • Everything is just like it left the factory

Transmission/Rear End

  • Stock THM200-4R
  • Stock rear


  • NASCAR style rims
  • Alpine CD changer
Andrew Scott

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