Featured Car - Nick Micale's 1987 Turbo T
Featured Car
A white Turbo T with some added spice!
This is an 8000 mi. turbo T and Nick is the original owner. Other than a few bolt-ons, the engine is stock. The ground-effect package was installed in 1987 and was made by Crystallite in CA. KMC chrome wheels and a fiberglass front bumper with white-painted air dams give it a mono-color look.

It has won many show awards including a first place in class at the 1993 National Buick show. It is a VERY occasional driver.



  • Stock 231
  • Simple bolt ons

Transmission/Rear End

  • THM200-4R
  • Stock rear


  • Ground effect package
  • KMC Chrome wheels
  • Fiberglass front bumper
  • White painted front air dams
Nick Micale

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