Featured Car - Geven Aston's 1987 Turbo T
Featured Car
A low 12 second ride that hauls the groceries ... FAST!
Geven purchased his 1987 Turbo-T with 59,000 miles on it from the 2nd owner in 1995. It has run a best time of 12.33 @ 110.05 MPH with a 1.80 60 ft.


  • Stock turbo
  • stock cam,
  • stock converter,
  • stock injectors
  • stock down-pipe
  • stock and unmodified transmission
  • stock un-ported heads
  • 21 lbs. Boost
  • 100 octane "AV" gas
  • Kenne-Bell Hot Flash chip
  • 3 inch single muffler w/turn-down bolted onto down-pipe
  • re-capped radial tires.
  • It is a most unusual car with it's stock silver re-paint with "blue pearl" added to the thick clearcoat.
  • Geven also re-upholstered the velour bucket seat interior in a "pale gray" leather that duplicates the factory sewing exactly. The door panels are done in the matching leather also. He calls it a "leather sport interior". It's the way Buick should have made it!
  • The other unusual feature about the car is the "fully polished" factory wheels.
  • Professionally installed Delco AM-FM CD player and (only) 4 upgraded speakers and Pro-series amp. The installer (a friend and fellow Turbo-T owner) spent 18 hours installing the stereo, mostly on the 36 lbs. of DYNAMAT sound deadening material installed after the entire interior was removed.

Geven is proud of a pass that he made with 96,000 miles on the car. It was in exactly the same configuration as above but with a "full" Walker Dynomax replacement exhaust. This pass, 40,000 miles later than the 12.33 and on Goodyear radial tires went a 12.97 @ 108.3 MPH with a wheel spinning 2.23 60 foot time. Onlookers said "it was the quietest 12 second car they ever heard go down the track".

To keep it all in the family, Geven's wife has made several 107 MPH plus passes with Geven in the car (gotta keep the grocery bags from spilling!) and without spinning a tire, although the best et was only 13.07.

The car has been to the GS Nationals several times. The car now has 119,000 miles on it (112,000 as pictured). It has
always been my wife's car and has been her daily driver since owned. Remarkably the transmission is still un-rebuilt and the engine is still stock. This Turbo-T typifies "Going fast with class".

Geven Aston

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