Featured Car Keith Hansen's 1987 Turbo Regal
Featured Car
A unique color! Notice the lower body trim...
Keith's car is a 1987 Turbo Regal that has the two black "patches" (rectangle type things) painted on the hood, Keith says it's a "one-of-a-kind paint job, love it or hate it". He's had the car 4 years and hasn't decided!


  • Basic Recipe car with homemade alcohol injection.
    • For the alcohol injection Keith has a tank from a home water purification system in the trunk with a small air compressor hooked up to the schrader valve at the base, and a copper line torqued down on the outlet pipe on the top.
    • Take the copper line off, fill it with rubbing alcohol, torque the line back down, pump it up to 90psi and you can run 19 pounds of boost with 93 octane-no knock, and 20-21 pounds with 2-3 degrees of retard.
    • The alcohol is injected through an NOS solenoid activated by a Hobbs switch set at 7psi. Low because the NOS solenoid runs the alcohol through a 10" steel braided line to the NOS 90 degree nozzle on the up-pipe.
    • Keith has used up two air compressors in the 3 years he's been running this, but at $10 each (Wal Mart) that's not bad. He can carry a spare!
  • Keith has plumbed the pressure gauge into the cabin and the switch to turn the pump off and on.
  • Stage Right Transbrake and a line-lock.

Keith has run a best time of 12.63 and a highest top speed of 109mph. There's lots more left as you can see from the timeslip, Keith feels his 60 foots are slow, and that's with 26X10 MT ET Streets at 10 psi and trans-brake launches at 7-8psi.

Keith Hansen from Universal City Texas.

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