Featured Car - Jonathan Schwenn's 1987 WE4 Turbo Regal
Featured Car
A looker from any angle!
Jon's car is one of the rare 1987 WE4 optioned Turbo Ts (more info on WE4s is available both on this site and www.buickwe4.com). He is the second owner of this 72,000 mile low optioned gem. The car only came with the follinwg options:
A view that many Brand X'ers are used to seeing...
Low optioned, but enough to get the job done!
  • Posi,traction
  • Cruise Control
  • Door Guards
  • AO1 windshield tint,
  • Rear Defroster
  • AM Radio

Those of you who really know your Turbo Regals may have noticed the hood ornament (which WE4s didn't come with, as a rule). Jon says that the first owner swears it came from the dealership that way. Jon is going to pull it and fill the hole when he repaints the nose.



  • Black inlet pipe
  • Black MAF pipe
  • Black turbo shield
  • TE44 turbocharger
  • 009 injectors
  • Jay Carter chip
  • ATR stainless steel test pipe
  • Hooker 2.5" exhaust


  • Stock


  • 15% tint on back thrree windows
  • 160 thermostat
  • Floor mats by Poston
  • Jax seat covers to spruce up the interior
  • Knock and boost gauge in Lotek A pillar pod
  • Oil pressure and water temp gauges in console
  • AM/FM cassette radio from 1989 Park Avenue
Jon Schwenn

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