Featured Car - Tom Dobrosky's 1931 Buick Powered Ford Street Rod
Featured Car
Tom prefers not to run with the crowd... he'd much rather be AHEAD of it!

No small block Chevy for Tom!
This unique car was created by a lot of hard work by Tom Dobrosky. Tom got the car in fairly complete condition, but it needed a LOT of work to make it to the show quality piece you see above. Starting in September of 1999, Tom took the body off the frame and commenced the extensive chassis work, including straightening the frame, straightening the subframe, and putting an '85 Corvette Independent Rear Suspension (IRS) and a Corvette Rack and Pinion steering in it.

He then did extensive body work, including new cowling, doors, and a '32 grille. A well known pinstriper, Keith Knecht, laid out the flames and Tom shot the beautiful paint job you see in the pictures. Tom planned to stick a 515 cubic inch blown Ford between the frame rails at that point, but his wife took one look at it and nixed the idea. Tom then took a different route, and with the help of Fred Zieggler, convinced her that a little Buick V6 would be the ticket!

Tom installed the '85 "hot air" motor into the 2600lb sled, using electronics/wiring/harnesses from John Spina of Casper's Electronics. He spent a lot of time and effort fabricating the stainless steel headers and intake piping necessary to tuck the little Buick mill under the tight confines of the cowl/hood. He also custom fabricated all of the accessory brackets out of billet aluminum (including the A/C mounting!)

On the 4th of July 2000, Tom rolled out this great little cruiser! Power steering, tilt steering, A/C, power windows and a killer stereo system make this a fun ride... not to mention the extensive tire smoke Tom can evoke at a blip of the throttle. Tom built this for cruising, but he has had it to the track ... the telephone booth aerodynamics make it awfully scary over 100 MPH, but suffice it to say that the lightweight and torquey Buick conspire to make a sub 12 second pass a breeze. But Tom didn't build it for the strip... he drives this everywhere any time the weather is decent. He and his wife have already put 4500+ miles on it in true comfort and style!



  • Stock block 1985 motor
  • Stock heads
  • Stock cam
  • Stock turbo
  • Custom fabricated Stainless Steel headers
  • Passenger's side modified valve cover (for clearance)
  • Custom fabricated downpipe
  • Custom fabricated intake plumbing
  • Custom fabricated exhaust


  • Stock torque converter
  • Stock 200-4R


  • 1985 Corvette IRS with 3.08 gears
  • Corvette Rack and Pinion steering gear
  • Straight front axle


  • Custom Paint and flame job
  • Power Windows
  • Air Conditioning
  • Tilt Steering
  • Killer sound system with 20 CD changer
  • Cragar SS style wheels
  • 29" tall rear street tires

Tom Dobrosky

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