Featured Car - Louie Arnold's 1984 Grand National
Looks like a nicely detailed "bullet" ready to go into the beast!
Louie's car is one of the rare 1984/1985 Grand Nationals. This was the first year for the Distributorless Ignition Systems (DIS), the 4 speed 200R4 transmissions behind the Sequential Fuel Injected (SFI) mill, the 8.5" 3.42 positration rear ends, and the now familar sinister all black look. Often times you'll hear these cars referred to as "Hot Air" cars, called that due to the lack of an intercooler in 1984 and 1985. Louie's car is even rarer for the fact that it has a factory moonroof in it!

Don't let that fool you though ... Louie's ride has the "Right Stuff"! . Louie's taken all that a step further with several "go fast" modifications. Louie says that "The car is my stress relief. Driven when I don't break something on it. Heads and intake are in the shop at moment getting looked at."

Louie enjoys tweaking and changing combinations to get the results he wants. He's got a neat custom modified intake manifold that short circuits some of the factory's convoluted flow patterns.



  • 231 bored 0.030 over
  • Forged TRW pistons
  • Ported Heads stainless oversized valves
  • Ported intake
  • Race Jace Main Stud Girdle
  • 36lb blue tops injectors
  • Modern Muscle Car SS Impalla MAF - extender
  • TA-33 Turbo - John Craig
  • NOS Nitrous Oxide system

Transmission/Rear End

  • Switch pitch THM400 Transmission
  • Stock positraction


  • Full interior gauges
  • Factory Moonroof
  • TurboLink
Louie Arnold

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