Featured Car - Jerry Turner's 1987 Grand National
A sinister NASCAR look!

Jerry's car definitely exudes the Winston Cup car look. He has chosen Winston Cup wheels and Good Year Eagle #1 raised gold lettered tires for his GN. He bought the car December 1988 and he tells us that it has been a love affair ever since. Jerry drives his "mistress" daily, but only has 8,500 miles on a fresh rebuild to "roller motor" specs. Jerry is anxious to get to the track and get some numbers!



  • 0.030" over stock block
  • 0.030" pistons with tops cermaic coated and skirts dry film coated
  • Total Seal rings with the "slant gap" feature
  • Stock rods with polished beams
  • New TTA crankshaft
  • Totally balanced engine
  • Comp Cams 224/224 duration and .317" lift (@ 0.050").
  • 1.65 Harland Sharp roller rockers to give .523" at the valve
  • Stock heads, ported and polished with 1.77" intake valves, stock exhaust valves. New bronze guides.
  • Positive teflon seals on intake and exhaust
  • Stock intake manifold with ported runners and port matched to heads
  • Stock exhaust headers port matched and pinned to heads
  • 3" downpipe
  • 3" Single mandrel ben exhaust
  • Upgraded Turbonetics turbocharger
  • Various chips: Joe Lubrant, Jay Carter, Thrasher, Duttweiler, Conley MagIV
  • Front cover has all corners of the oil passage radisued and polished, including pump cover
  • ARP head stud kit (12 pt)
  • Red Stripe fuel injectors
  • Stacked steel shim head gaskets
  • HKS "Sneeze" valve mounted on uppipe to prevent boost reversion
  • Lightweight crank pulley by Jason Cramer-Loveridge machine (no provision for fan-but fan really not needed)
  • ARP main studs
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • Stock 200-4R transmission
  • 10.5" 3200 stall Dacco converter with anti-balloon plates
  • B&M shift kit
  • B&M Megashifter
  • Line Lock
  • 4.10 Richmond gears (may change back to 3.42s or 3.73s). With 28" tall tire, gives 3.82 ratio.
  • New driveshaft with new U joints
  • S-10 (larger) wheel cylinders with "soft" shoe-rear brakes
  • New braided stainless steel brake lines


  • Front lower frame braces
  • Rear seat braces
  • Dash gauges: Oil pressure, Boost/Vacuum, Temperature, Fuel Pressure, EGT
  • TurboLink
Jerry Turner

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