Featured Car - David Roland's 1985 Grand National
A lightweight flyer!
David, from Michigan, says that this car was a fully optioned 85 GN that he put on a diet. The car orginally had every option including factory moonroof and C68 auto climate control. Dave removed every power option, seats, windows, locks, power steering, heater and A/C. He then installed fiberglass bumpers and aluminum energy absorbers to further reduce the weight. For safety, Dave installed a 6 point roll bar . He also retained the often misunderstood and maligned POWERMASTER brake system (which he says works great!!!).

The result of this "Crash" diet? The car now weighs in at 3355 lbs. in Bowling Green with driver. The scales at Bristol said the car weighted 3250 lbs with driver. Dave says his goal with this car is to continue to lighten the car and tune it to run consistent 10.85's without any internal mods. Future Plans include a 4.1 Stage I block with Stage 2 heads and a full tilt TH400.

Dave also performs ALL mechanical work on this car, including engine, transmission rebuild, roll bar installation, ... everything! That's really cool that he has built this car with his own hands! Dave is also very active with the Michigan Chapter of the GSCA and is involved in their outstanding Norwalk event !



  • 1986 LC2 transplant wiht 100% STOCK internals
  • Stock heads (unported)
  • Stock intake (unported)
  • Accel batchfire DFI
  • 43# injectors
  • PTE TA52 turbocharger
  • PTE front mount intercooler

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • 1985 BQ 200-4R transmission
    • Blue plate direct clutches
    • Kevlar band
    • Orange Crush GSCA Club Converter
    • Stage Right transbrake
  • Stock 8.5" rear end
    • 33 spline Moser axles
    • Spool
    • 3.90 ratio
    • 29"x10" Hoosier slicks on Weld Wheels
    • "Just Suspension" rear control arms
    • KYB gas shocks
    • Air bags
  • Front Suspension
    • 90/10 drag shocks
    • Stock springs and A Arms


  • 11.22 @ 119 MPH
  • 1.52 sixty foot time

David Roland

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