Featured Car - Kevin Hershey Jr.'s 1986 Grand National

The "After" pictures ...
Take a close look at Kevin's beautiful 1986 Grand National. Nice, huh? Hard to believe that this car was a recovered stolen vehicle. The interior was replaced from purchases from list members in 4 states. Wheels and tires were off Kevin's other car. He also bought a set of factory rims for future use. Kevin found the original owner and recovered a great deal of oriiginal parts off the car.

As you can see a fantasic job was done to bring the car to this level of finish from the heart breaking "Before" pictures! Kevin hasn't had the recently finished car to the track yet, but as you can see from below, he has a solid combination for some low 12s. Kevin says that he has met a lot of helpful people via the list and the web site Technical Articles have helped him save this beauty from the bone yard.

Kevin recently sold the car to a veteren turbo Regal owner in Ohio.


  • Stock motor
  • 30lb Red Top injectors
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Walbro 340 Fuel Pump (hotwired)
  • Red Armstrong 93 chip (and 108 chip for the track)
  • Thrasher chip
  • Adjustable wastegate
  • 2.5" exhaust with test pipe/dump pipe
  • 2.75" Poston downpipe (currently)
  • 3" Downpipe and Deltagate (to be installed)
  • Wastegate cockpit controller
  • 200/200 cam
  • Minor headwork

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • 200R4 Transmission by Rossler
  • TCI Ratchet shifter (stock console and shifter has been purchased to be installed later)


  • Original paint
  • New interior
  • LOTS of elbow grease!
  • Full Guages
  • Scanmaster II


Kevin Hershey

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