Featured Car - Brian Lee's 1982 WaGoN

You gotta scrape the kids off the rear window ...
Brain has always liked wagons, so making a GN wagon didn’t take too much thought for him. It had to be a Regal though.

Brian wasn't even sure that they MADE a Regal wagon... then one day while at the junkyard buying a rocker arm shaft for his GN, he saw this one. It had been junked the day before, and already had a number assigned and written on every panel, all set to be dumped in the yard, and parted out. A couple of days and $400 later, Brain DROVE home his new baby. Registered, insured and all.

A couple of days later, he went back and bought the rest of the motor that the rocker arm shaft (his original quest) came out of. It turned out to be a 109 block in an 83 Regal, so he had the beginnings for his turbo project. The wagon, as it sat ran horrible. Brian tuned it up, replaced about 10 feet of vacuum hose, and it ran pretty decent ... even the cruise worded!

Then about two months later the timing chain went... after it was replaced, the motor never really recovered, probably due to nylon from the cam gear plugging the oil pick up screen. The motor seized and it was DOA.

That was when Brian rolled up his sleeves and began the transformation. Using a parts car, and a temporary motor donation from his GN, he transformed a grocery getter into a SNEAKY grocery getter! Using a parts car meant not having to cut a single wire, right down to the tail light and fuel pump wiring. The installation looks exactly like GM would’ve done it. Aside from the air cleaner peeking out from behind the bumper, the visible intercooler scoop, and the 3.8 liter Turbo emblem on the header panel, it looks just like another Regal wagon... That is, until the whistling starts, and the nose lifts.

Brain took notes on everything that he did during the transformation, so that when he does the next one (next one? ? -editor), it will be even easier. Brian seems to enjoy playing "Frankenstein" and putting a turbo heart in various "creations"... who knows what the next one will be? Regardless, we're SURE it will be unique, just like the waGoN!

UPDATE - Brian has painted the wagon black (appropriate!) and it has run 13.1 @103 MPH at the track!


  • 1987 Turbo Regal LC2 (Borrowed from Brian's GN with the bad rear end)
  • Bored .030
  • Mildly ported heads
  • Ruggles Cam
  • Blue Top injectors
  • TE-44 turbocharger
  • Walbro 307 hot wired
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Home made cold air induction (behind headlights)
  • Tuned with TurboLink
  • 87 Turbo Regal exhaust (Yes, it actually fits)
  • Alcohol injection

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • 2004-R with some kind of shift kit
  • Stock 8.5 rear with posi (stock for a Turbo Regal that is)
  • Stock sway bars (for a Turbo Regal)
  • 195/75-14 tires (stock for an 82 Regal wagon) complete with white walls and wire hubcaps(It’s a good thing they bolt on)


  • Two tone beige/tan exterior (no, it’s not wood paneling)
  • Roof rack (for carrying slicks to the track)
  • Four doors (makes it easier to put in the baby seat. I don’t have a baby, but the seat will look cool)
  • Sort of a hybrid interior:
    • Dash steering wheel/column, carpet and front seat from an 87 T
    • The rest is from the wagon.
    • Eventually it will all match, and will probably be all new GN upholstered buckets
  • Turbo Regal quick ratio power steering
  • Power master
  • Delay wipers
  • Cruise
  • Factory (for 87) anti theft (install not completed yet)
  • Power hatch release(yup even wagons had them)
  • Lighted PS visor
  • 87 Turbo Regal heater box (Brian wanted the one that said ‘Turbo’ on it)
  • Basically, anything else that makes a Turbo Regal a Turbo Regal, except for the trunk lid
  • It even has a factory rear wing on the hatch, factory for wagons that is.

Future Plans

  • Completely matching interior( finding wagons is hard enough, never mind with gray interior)
  • Concert sound (need the gray door panels first)
  • Maybe buckets and a console, although the bench is comfortable
  • GN wheels (Brian already has them)
  • Baby seat for looks
  • Powder coated roof rack and trim


  • 13.1 @ 103 on race fuel
  • 13.7 on 93 octane with alcohol injection

"Facing the donor car"

Brian Lee

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