Featured Car - Doug Keller's 1987 Grand National

Two different flavors of BOOST! ...

Doug was able to get this awesome picture of his GN next to an F-16 Fighting Falcon because he's an aircraft mechanic on the F-16 with the Michigan Air National Guard. Doug has the unique perspective of knowing two different kinds of BOOST... He's lucky enough to get a ride in the Falcon and when they poured on the coal, he knew the feeling of 23,000 pounds of thrust! When driving the GN, he can put his foot in and feel the kick of 21 psi of boost. WOT in both vehicles is quite the rush, according to Doug!

Doug has had the car about five years .. it was pretty abused before he spent hours of elbow grease on it to get it to the show winning condition you see above. He tells us he likes to take it to shows, but has sneaked out to the dragstrip a couple of times. Doug tells us that hooking up with all the other turbo nuts on the List has been a great thing, since he can share his experiences and learn from others.


  • Stock long block
  • TE-50 turbocharger
  • Blue Top injectors
  • Charged Air System (CAS) stock location intercooler
  • Dress up chrome and power coating under the hood

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • 200-4R with 3000 stall converter
  • Factory positraction


  • Full complement of gauges
  • Weld 16x8" Tomahawk wheels
  • BT Goodrich 50 series tires
  • ScanMaster


  • 12.336@106 MPH with a 1.636 69 foot time
Doug Keller

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