Featured Car - Ed Lovette's 1987 Grand National

Another clean stock appearing street prowler ...

Ed's deceprive looking stocker has some bolt on goodies that should net him some low 12s/high 11s when he gets it sorted out at the track. 64 year old Ed lives in Winston-Salem, NC and is no stranger to the turbo cars. His first was about four years back, a gray T-Type, also a very nice car. It didn't have as many bolt ons as his GN ... but it was still a heckuva a ride. We all know how fast even a bone stock turbo Regal is!

Ed's GN has 97,000 miles on it but runs like a new car. Ed plans to get it to the track during 2001 to get it sorted out and a handful of timeslips.


  • Stock engine with new timing gear, timing chain and oil pump
  • Red Armstrong XP fuel pump
  • Red's 93 chip
  • 42.5 pund (009) injectors
  • John Craig built TA61 with .63 AR turbine housing
  • Charged Air Systems intercooler (Tony DeQuick)
  • Hemco upper intake stock throttle body (will accept 62mm)
  • ATR 3in. downpipe stainless/Atr wastegate
  • ATR 2.5 in. all stainless exhaust
  • Red Armstrong volt booster
  • ATR vent kit breather
  • All boost hoses are truck type rubber/ heavy type clamps

Transmission/Rear End/Suspension

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R
  • Rich Gomez 2800 stall custom converter
  • Transmission built with all performance ATR parts
  • Large pinion snubber/ right side air bag


  • Stock
  • VDO boost, water,and temp gauges
Ed Lovette

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