Featured Car - Bob Wipplinger's 1987 Turbo Regal

Column shift, bench seat and low 11 second ETs! Wouldn't you rather drive a Buick?

Bob bought the car in 1989 with 33,000 miles and has enjoyed driving it for going on 150,000 miles now! Bob's life has changed over the years and now with 3 kids, he says he puts less than 500 miles a year on it. However, every time he gets in it, he gets the familar thrill! His ride has led to meeting lots of class acts in the Buick world (and a sprinkling of buttheads) and he reports he's had a blast!

Bob hopes to get a 10 second pass out of the car without hurting it. That's pretty impressive for a car with a column shifter and a BENCH SEAT! He also has some advice for "newbies" and that's "follow the people that actually OWN the cars and been there!"

Sounds like Bob has his act together!


  • Freshened up stock bottom end
  • Stock heads with bigger valves and port job
  • Stock intank pump with Bosch external pump pushing fuel up a a separate #8 fuel line on the other side of the fuel rail
  • MSD 50 lb injectors
  • Jack Cotton custom chip
  • Eastern Front Mount Intercooler
  • TE-60 turbocharger with 0.82 housing
  • 3" exhaust with Flowmasters

TransmissionRear End/Suspension

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R built by Dave Husek
  • Centerline Telstars 15x8" rear 15"x6" front
  • Southside lower control arms
  • Kirban snubber


  • Bench seat
  • Column shifter
  • 6 point roll bar
  • Injection Connection front license plate (Bob jokes that it's worth "2 tenths")
  • Rear spoiler


  • 11.36 @ 120 MPH with 25 psi of boost

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