Featured Car - Nick Brockway's 1984 T-Type

A nice example of a "rescued" Turbo Regal

Nick under took this daunting project to great effect! The pictures to the right tell the sorry story of how he found the car. It used ot have a tacky mural on the hood, dented floorpans,a rat's nest in the engine bay, leaves and trash everywhere and even a hole in the transmission where the salvage yard owner poked it too hard with the fork lift. The car had sit neglected for 8 years... and showed it.

Nick tackled the job with the help of free parts from Bob Norton, Neal Whyte, Whit Bowman, and Mark Martone... and LOTS of hard work. Nick sanded the car down with a DA and had it high build primered, and then sprayed with Honda metallic black, restore the car to the beauty shown in the lead-in photo. Nick chased numerous electrical gremlins, including several MAFs and ECMs. He also went through several transmission mounts until he found the problems.

However, his restoration looks good and shows considerable promise in the performance category, since he's had it to the track.


  • Stock block
  • Stock heads
  • K&N air filter
  • Walbro 307 Fuel Pump
  • Jay Carter 93 chip
  • 2.25" dual exhaust with no mufflers
  • ATR stainless up-pipe
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • Electric fan conversion

TransmissionRear End/Suspension

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R


  • Completely restored
  • Repaint


  • 8.8 @ 76 MPH (1/8th mile) with a 1.911 sixty foot time
Nick Brockway

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