Featured Car - John Hixon's 1987 Grand National

Decisions, decisons ... Show? or GO!

John's beautiful GN is another example of what can be done with a well thought out combination of bolt-on parts. John has relegated the GN to weekend mauling duties ... drives it to the track, rips of some high 11s/low 12s and then drives home with the AC on and stereo playing his favorite tunes.

John's GN has 30K original miles, but the last 15K have been very hard miles!


  • Stock block
  • Stock heads
  • Motor has never been apart.
  • TA49 turbocharger
  • Terry Houston 3" Downpipe with "test" pipe
  • 37lb Injectors
  • Hemco modified 62MM upper Plenum
  • Stock Throttle Body
  • Plugged throttle body coolant lines
  • Walbro 340 In-Tank fuel pump @ about 43lbs static pressure
  • Stock location Intercooler & a half
  • Removed one screen from MAF
  • Relocated Air Filter to under front air dam with 4" duct work ("Tylco Tinman system" )
  • 26 degrees of timing in the Lubrant chip set for full injector pulse width

TransmissionRear End/Suspension

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R
  • Torque Converter Lock-up switch (stock tranny & converter)
  • 26X11.5 M/T ET Streets & front runners on Weld Dragstars
  • Passenger Side Rear Spring Airbag
  • Line Lock


  • Mechanical gauges for critical functions
  • Astroroof
  • Digital Dash
  • Concert Sound II
  • Digital Dash
  • Phillips Colorbright black headlights. DOT legal & not tinted.
  • Twilight Sentinel


  • 11.87@ 113 MPH with ~23lbs of boost
John Hixon

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