Featured Car - Andy and Margie Crotts' 1986 Grand National and 1987 WE4

To heck with his and her recliners! His and her Turbo Regals is much more fun!

How's this for family fun? Pictured here are two excellent examples of Buick power. On the left side of the duo is a very pretty 1987 WE4 and the right side is an equally gorgeous 1986 GN. I wonder if Andy and Margie fight over which one gets the keys to which car? Obviously, there's no loser in that battle!

Both cars have minor modifications, but are driven every day .. rain or shine. Obviously, they are lovingly cared for. The Crotts tell us that they plan to "air them out" at Bristol to see what they will run. They also tell us that they absolutely love driving these fine examples of Buick's Turbo Terrors. It's nice to see them keep it all in the family!


  • Stock long block (never taken apart)
  • Stock turbocharger with ported wastegate hole
  • Adjustable wastegate actuator
  • Recipe mods
  • Chip
  • Exhaust
  • Terry Houston Downpipe

TransmissionRear End/Suspension

  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R
Margie and Andy Crotts

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