Featured Car - Jacob Morse's 1984 T-Type

A clean conversion from a "Hot Air" to an Intercooled car...

Jacob purchased this car in January of 2001 for 1200 dollars with a burned up engine. He wanted a turbo car to complement his 70 GS that he had restored. Once he tore into it, he found that a few of the pistons were melted and the head gaskets were blown. The bottom end was still in great shape, so Jacob went to work and rebuilt the top end. It now has 140-150 psi on a compression test on all cylinders. The result is shown above... talk about rising from the ashes!

Jacob is still tweaking and learning about this car and has recently got his first 12 second run! There's more in the car, since he had to let out at the top end due to the 70 amp alternator not handling the load (he's going to be putting a 120 amp stocker in soon).

It's always nice to see a basket case brought back to life!


  • 1987 LC2 3.8 V6
  • Stock 1987 camshaft
  • Stock 1987 turbocharger
  • 30 lb Green Stripe injectors
  • Stock 1987 Intercooler with knife edged inlet
  • Stock 1987 heads
  • Stock 1987 lower intake
  • Upper plenum spacer
  • Upper plenum ported
  • Port throttle body
  • Hooker downpipe
  • Deltagate wastegate
  • Dynomax 3" dual exhaust
  • Stock catalytic converter
  • Hooker headers
  • Casper's 45 gph fuel pump
  • Adjustable fuel pressure regulator set to 45 psi
  • Thrasher 92 octane chip
  • 15 psi of boost
  • 14" K&N air filter behind the grille
  • CPP Cold Air kit
  • 160 degree thermostat
  • Throttle body coolant lines blocked off


  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R (stock)
  • Shift Kit
  • Stock converter


  • TurboLink scan tool
  • Lier Sigler leater seats (rare in a T-Type)
  • Boost gauge
  • Coolent temp gauge
  • Oil pressure gauge
  • CD Player added


  • Stock

Tires and Wheels

  • 1987 GN wheels
  • P215/65-15s up front
  • P235/60-15s out back


  • 1/4 mile-12.9 @ 97 MPH (let out of it on the top end)
  • Sixty foot times- 1.77
Jacob Morse

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