Featured Car - Mike RIcketts' 1986 T-Type

... White Lightning!

Mike spent a lot of time redoing the entire drive train for this nice rendition of what a white GNX might look like! Add to that the fact that it cranks out mid 10s (or better) and you have an awesome street car! The car is all steel (no fiberglass), idles like a stocker, and RIPS up the street...


  • Casper's Electronics engine harness
  • Stock heads ported & polished by Champion Racing fitted with heavy duty springs & larger valves
  • Stock intake ported & polished by Champion Racing
  • 83lb injectors
  • Griffin Aluminum radiator
  • Stock headers with Deltagate on the crossover pipe
  • Felpro bank to bank DFI with wide band 02
  • T72 roller bearing turbocharger
  • 3" downpipe
  • Precision remote oil system
  • Delta Race Gate
  • 212 Duttweiller cam
  • Studed bottom end
  • Stock crank & rods with J&E 20 over pistons (motor has 8.75 -1 comp)
  • 3" Precision intercooler
  • Kenne bell 70mm throttlebody
  • 3" mendrel bent single exhaust (Dynomax muffler)
  • 2 bosch 286 fuel pumps inline joined with a Y fitting into a #8 feed and #6 return
  • Stock tank modified with sump (very nice job)
  • Accufab adjustable fuel regulator
  • AC has been removed. so no heater
  • T&D 1.60 roller rockers


  • 200-4R transmission (beefed up with the "good parts")
  • 9" Art Carr 4000rpm converter
  • Driveshaft loop


  • Bennet adjustable upper control arms
  • Boxed lower control arms
  • Passenger side air bag
  • 16 x 8 GTA front rims all around (245/50/16 up front 305/40/16 M&H on the back)
  • Front stock sway bar removed (Monte Carlo sway bars put in)
  • Bigger rear sway bar put in

Rear end

  • Stock with 3.90 gears


  • Digital climate control
  • Center colummn with bucket seats and floor shifter
  • VDO pillar mounted boost gauge
  • Oil & water temp gauge under radio in gauge cluster
  • Alpine pullout radio


  • 10.61 @ 126 mph with a 1.48 sixty foot off the foot brake (no transbrake)
  • Very low 10s at ~129 MPH with more boost and tuning

Mike Ricketts


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