Featured Car - Tom and Bettie Lambert's 1986 Grand National

Another fine example of American Muscle ... in Canada!
The Lambert's are no strangers to the Tubo Regal scene. This is their thrid GN! They got started with a brand new GN in 1987, which was sold to buy GNX #354 in 1990. The GNX was sold in 1993, and they started looking for a replacement.

Everything they looked at either would seat only two, didn’t have power and air, or didn’t have the "Go Power" they were looking for. The natural thing to do at that point was to start looking for another GN! They had discovered, as they told us, "Once you drive and own a GN, nothing compares."

Turns out a friend of the family owned an 86 GN that had not been driven since 1990. After the owner's Dad passed away, the Lamberts bought it as a "basket case". The car was a total mess ...green stuff growing in the carpet, number 5 rod in the trunk... in short, this was going to take some work!

The Lamberts then did a complete frame off restoration that took FOUR years to finish! Almost everything has been either up-graded or rebuilt (which accounts for the 1987 grille, for those of you with sharp eyes!). Tom and Bettie did all the work with the help of the GNTType web site, and have spent a total of $36,542.41 so far.

However, as you can see, all the hard work has paid off with a beautiful example of a GN back on the road to enjoy!


  • Built by Dennis Faerman
  • 231 CID plus .030 stock block
  • New GM Crank
  • Stock Resized Rods W/ARP Bolts
  • Venolia forged Pistons W/floating pins
  • Speed Pro Rings
  • New GM Flexplate
  • Loveridge Griddle W/Steel Main Caps and ARP Studs
  • Stock Oil Pan
  • Ported Stock Heads W/SS Valves
  • Comp Cams Valve Springs
  • ARP Head Studs
  • T & D Machine 1.55 Roller Rockers
  • Billet Hydraulic Roller Cam 210 X 210 Duration
  • Dynagear Timing Set
  • Ported Stock Intake
  • Kenne Bell 70mm Throttle Body
  • 40# Injectors
  • Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
  • Poston Headers
  • CAS V4 Intercooler
  • Modified PT&E Turbo Saver
  • Precision TA49C Turbo
  • 3” THDP
  • SMC Alcohol System
  • MaxEffort 16 Position Chip
  • Hooker 2 1/2 inch exhaust
  • Engine Pre-Luber
  • New GM GasTank
  • Red Armstrong XP fuel pump
  • Caspers Hot Wire Kit

Transmission/Rear End

  • Built by Langfords
  • 200-4R W/Stage Right Trans Brake
  • 10 vane pump
  • Art Carr Alum Pan
  • 12 inch D5 2800 Stall Converter
  • GM Transmission cooler
  • Conley’s Drive Shaft Loop
  • Jay’s Alum Drive Shaft
  • Half Shafts Fully Welded W/Auburn Posi and 3.42 Stock Gears
  • New 28 Spline Axles
  • Alum Rear Cover
  • Boxed Alum Lower Control Arms W/Poly Bushings
  • 1 1/8 Inch Sway Bar


  • 12” Baer Disc Brakes Front and Rear W/Braided SS Lines
  • Line Lock
  • Poly-Graphite Front and Rear Bushing Kit
  • Poly-Graphite Body Bushings W/GNX Bushings
  • Rear Seat Brace
  • Front Frame Brace
  • Under Hood Braces
  • Air Bags
  • Kirban GNX Style Rims W/P245/50R-16 BFG T/A Comp HR4 Tires


  • ACC Black Replacement Carpet
  • Doors Reupholstered
  • New Headliner
  • Dash Cover
  • Complete 32 Piece Wood Kit
  • 140 MPH Speedometer
  • B & M Mega Shifter
  • Console Gages
  • Pillar Gages
  • Gray Trunk Kit W/GN-Turbo Emblems


  • Not reported

Tom and Bettie Lambert


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