Featured Car - Mike Reuling's 1987 Grand National

A topless version ...
Mike saw his first GN when he was 12 in a magazine. From that day forward he knew he was going to own one of these cars. Fast forward to the present and Mike has made his dream come true with the beauty pictured here.

Despite dealing with the typical clueless comments ("Nice Monte!", "What's the Jiffy Lube symbol for?", "Yeah, but the GNX has a twin turbo V8", etc.), he loves his car. He also enjoys the "family" feel of the TR community. He met one of his best friends through a common interest in TRs. It also helps to know that the "little V6" can run with the big dogs!

Mike obviously takes excellent car of this beauty. He recently had a little incident with a deer and a country road mailbox that damaged the front end, but has rebuilt it better than new (and 75 lbs lighter!).


  • Stock block
  • Stock heads
  • TA-49 turbocharger
  • K&N air filter
  • 32 lb injectors
  • Larger neck on stock intercooler
  • 70 mm throttle body
  • Hooker headers and exhaust
  • 3 inch down pipe
  • TPS tec
  • Thrasher chip
  • KB Ram Air/Intercooler scoop
  • console water temp/oil pressure gauges, A pillar boost


  • Stock


  • Weld Pro-Stars


  • Console mounted water temperature and oil pressure gauges
  • Boost gauge on A pillar
  • Power windows
  • Power Locks
  • Remote mirrors
  • Tilt
  • Trunk Release
  • Pioneer 6x9 speakers
  • 200x2 Sony Amplifier
  • Pioneer 3.5" front speakers
  • Alpine head unit


  • 12.055 at 113.33 with a 1.78 60 ft

Mike Reuling


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