Featured Car - Jay Jackson's 1987 WE-4 Turbo T

Beauty on the ouside ... beast on the inside!

Jay is known for his porting work, and obviously, he's lavished some attention on his own ride! This is his 1987 T-Top WE-4 with 60,000 miles.

Jay's best quarter mile pass has been a 12.15@114+ with a lousy mid 1.9 sixty foot on pump gas and alky on just it's third trip to the track ever (fall '01). This was the car's first track visit with this combo installed and running correctly! It was quite a shock to some, since it was done with the stock airbox in place, factory valve cover breather and oil fill neck, and everything painted to be as "subtle" appearing as possible Jay even had several TR people asking him what I had done to get those times!

Jay bought the car locally in the summer of '00, having known the previous owner for about 10 years. The previous owner bought it in '88 from a local dealer who had bought it at an auction in Chicago. It had been a police impound car confiscated in a drug raid. In '94 Jay did some work on it for him and a few "basic" mods. Jay remembers how clean it was and how cool he thought it would be to have this parked in the garage next to his gray '86 T-Type. He even snapped a few pics back then!

Flash forward .. Jay notices a familar looking car in the Auto Trader and recongnizes his friend's number. Jay gave him a call and found that his friend had only accumulated a mere 500 miles on the car since Jay had worked on it in '94!

Jay called my wife hesitantly as they had just bought an '86 GN not 10 weeks earlier and still had the '86 T-Type sitting in the garage! After gently breaking the subject, she responded (to his amazement) ... "BUY IT!" Jay, not being one to ask twice, bought it that night! Of course, it's now "her car".

It was in desperate need of detailing as the smooth custom paint had been neglected over the years to the point it almost looked gray in the sunlight with all the swirl marks! A buddy of Jay's (a former dealership detail man) and Jay spent 12 hours removing the previous owner's Teal pinstripes and color sanding and buffing the paint. Gaining plenty of experience with black cars having owned a GN and now a pristine black '70 GS, Jay's friend was able to get a mirror-like shine with no traces of the swirl marks! It has since been entered in three shows and has had two first place and one second place finish.

Jay's throttle body porting has made it possible to "horse trade" for performance parts, keeping his out of pocket expenses for this beauty pretty low.

Recently, the Jackson's WE4 has had some changes made to it. Not happy with the non-factory appearance, it now has stock "T" wheels up front and 15x8.5" Westerns look-alikes in the rear with all the fins polished. A 2.5" Hooker cat-back exhaust system has been installed to eliminate the non-factory rear exit location that the Borla had, and the trunk lid is currently at the body shop getting the aftermarket rear pedestal mount spoiler removed and a factory GN spoiler installed. The NOS emblems are also ready to go back on the car.. The goal is to be as stock appearing as possible for the "stock" show classes, yet leave everyone scratching their heads at the track!

Jay is confident that it will be able to be driven to the track and run 11.80s @ 115-116mph in full street trim after with a little more tuning.


  • All stock unopened motor
  • John Craig TA61 Turbo with custom billet inlet bell (painted cast)
  • 36# blue top injectors, painted black
  • Mark Jackson 17 row IC
  • New valve springs
  • "Trash can" IC scoop
  • Jay Jackson 62mm throttle body (of courre!)
  • Plenum spacer (another of my creations)
  • Stock (cracked) headers - recently welded up
  • 2800 RPM stall D5 converter
  • 3" Stock replacement down pipe
  • Ported stock wastegate elbow with larger puck (my own, again)
  • Adjustable wastegate actuator
  • Test pipe
  • Borla exhaust (mufflers/tailpipes - factory "Y" pipe)
  • Walbro fuel pump
  • Adjustable billet regulator painted black
  • Do-it-yourself alcohol injection with SMC dual nozzles and controller (has seen 26 psi boost with pump gas)
  • Ported up-pipe
  • Converter lock up switch
  • Gary Mitchell "Z93" chip
  • 3.5" MAF flex hose
  • Stock airbox ("slightly" modified by me!)


  • GM Hydromatic 200 4R (stock)
  • Stock D5 converter, custom stalled to 2800 rpm
  • Internal mods with CK Performance, Art Carr, Poston hardware
  • B & M Mega Shifter II floor mounted ratchet shifter


  • Pinion snubber
  • Bilstien Shocks
  • Aluminum brake drums
  • Front sway bar removed
  • Rear seat braces
  • Front frame braces


  • Stock Transmission with B&M Transpak
  • Stock D5 converter


  • 16x7 ARE "GNX style" wheels and 245/50-16 BFG Radial TAs front and 16x8 with 265/50-16s on the rear


  • 12.15 @ 114 wuth a 1.9 sixty foot time on pump gas

Jay Jackson
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