Discussion of non-Buick powered vehicles (whether Buick marque or not) and topics of general automotive interest that deviate vastly from the focus of the group are generally not appropriate. Please limit discussions to those within the guidelines of the group's purpose. The moderator will guide discussions that stray from the interest of the intended audience back to focus or suggest the discussion be taken to personal e-mail.

The group is a forum for enthusiasts to discuss experiences and exchange information. Though persons with commercial interests catering to the organization membership are welcome and encouraged to participate, advertising, product or service listings, or price guides are not to be posted to the group, except in the areas reserved for this purpose. Announcements of new or unique products are, however, welcome. Use of the 'TRader' is governed by the policy set below. See 'For Sale/Wanted Items'.

Though the enthusiasts on the group may belong to a variety of clubs and organizations, the group exists to discuss the cars. Discussion regarding the integrity or worth of various clubs and organizations or their participants or leaders is not appropriate. Discussion of club or organization activities which list members may be interested in attending, however, is welcome.

Profanity, personal attacks, and 'flaming' are not tolerated!

Such behavior will result in a warning by the moderator and deletion of the material posted. Persistent disruptions or inappropriate postings will result in expulsion from the group.

There is no cost to become a subscriber to the group.

Subscription to the group is at the sole discretion of the moderators. Behavior violating the established guidelines indicated herein or repeated problems with operation of the group are both causes for removal from the group.

Do NOT sign up for the group under a nickname or anonymous "handle". Please do not sign up under multiple accounts, if you can avoid it (we understand that sometimes there may be a necessity of a "home" account and a "work account", but most people will only need one account.) We encourage adult and rational behavior on this list and hope that anything that is posted by the membership to the board/list would follow the same rules as a face to face conversation. At the moderator's discretion, anonymous accounts (i.e. one without a real name and email address) may be removed without warning.

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All information is subject to change. Every effort will be made to inform subscribers of any changes.

For Sale/Wanted Items

For sale and wanted ads are posted weekly as the 'Turbo TRader'. To reduce overhead, please submit your ads via the web at:

Ads must be for Buick powered cars and Buick related parts only. No exceptions.

You must send ads via the 'TRader' and not as individual posts to the list. Ads will be posted for 4 consecutive weeks on the Turbo TRader web pages.

You can submit your ad under one of three categories: Cars for Sale, Parts for Sale, or Cars/Parts Wanted.

Commercial vendors may only post items to the 'Trader' which are available at a special discount to mailing list members or cars and parts which are their own personal posessions and not being sold as part of their commercial interest.



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