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1987 Buick Regal (T Type wannabe)
A few shots i have of my Regal. In February or March Cotton's Performance are dropping in a GN 3.8 Turbo V6, drive train and suspension. I will be doing body work and interior at WyoTech. I will Keep Updates on this project as often as possible.

work so far:
Black paint detailing
Camaro Iroc wheels
Cooper/Futura G/T Tires
Cherry Bomb glasspack
New Rotors
Hi-Flow air cleaner
Rebuilt Rochester
New Cooling system

So I'm enlisting in the Army in a few days and after basic training and AIT I will be back in Suffield for a week. The car will be in Cotton's garage at that time. Right now it's in storage to prevent any more rust damage. I damaged the font header pannel getting it in but I can get a new one for like $150 so I'm not too worried.

I leave for basic training at Fort Jackson SC on Monday the 9th. I am a 63B Light-Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic. I took the car out of storage today and drove it around the units. Can't wait till I get back and send her off to Cotton.
I remember the day she rolled over... The Olds 307 has not worked right since 106661.6 mi. (weird)
Header pannel damage. There was also a hole in the middle but I filled that in at the end of last summer. I will replace the whole thing.
The first owner before me backed into something. The filler pannel is trashed and Cotton is gonna fix the frame. Anyone know what the exact degree...
Here's the interior. I replaced the fugly wheel for a gt. Installation was easy. The dash is mint along with passenger and rear seats. The driver...
The most up-to-date pic of the Buick. I used the body line as a reference for the black paint on the hood. At WyoTech I will paint the hood the same...
A no-problem dent on the passenger door. What you see here is the worst rust on the whole body. (whew)
Here's a shot af it in storage. The car is 16' long so I put it in a 10'x20' "bin". I could also fit a few tires and my guitars and gear.
here's a shot of what it looked like when i got it. all the black was chrome.
I'm going to keep the same color and wheels but add some more black. no red pinstripes.

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