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mtushmoo 02-15-2009 10:05 PM

New info in 10 years??
Looks like I'm putting my '85 T-type back into service as my daily driver when the Jeep goes back to Chrysler at the end of the month.

I was a usenet member back in the day, and went to the GS nationals with my LeSabre T-type in '97 so I'm *a little* behind on my reading.

This post is as much a brainstorming list of what I need to do to it as anything else.

The car has been sitting since around '95, so now I'm trying to remember everything that's right, wrong, and already modified.

The engine got a basic rebuild about a year before it was parked. Valve springs shimmed, hi-vol oil pump, up pipe and manifold cracks welded (and probably re-cracked) heads and intake gasket matched. Stock turbo.

Cam needs to be changed; looking for the latest recomendations.

Fuel pump has the upgrade to the S-10 Vortec pump that was popular a while back. Injectors are stock and full of cruddy gas slime.

Trans rebuilt by Phils in Clio, MI with a pretty harsh shift kit. Stock lockup converter.

Open rear end.

Front suspension is a little whipped. Needs bushings and joints.

AC on this car has never been worth a crap. Last failure was a compressor. I swapped that out about 2 years ago on a whim; Recharged with R-414A. Still inadequate AC performance.

Seems like there's some kind of issue with the wiper motor. Powermaster has gotten a switch, an acumulator, and I think a motor over the years.

Interior is a little faded, but still in pretty good shape except for the headliner. Critters ate the hood liner with the winners circle logo.

Dark Red (maroon metallic) paint is shot, but the body is straight, with just a couple nickle sized rust holes in the corners of the doors.

Power antenna is stuck down, and I can't bring myself to pull the fender

So, my priorities that I can think of:

It runs, stops and goes, so I think suspension is the priority, because it's driving squirly - probably a sloppy steering gear.


Original owner changed the rear springs - he was geriatric and wanted a softer ride. I have a set of used '84 T-type springs that should get the ride height and rates back close to where they belong.

The cam change is probably the priority after the suspension, and I'll hit the injectors then. I've got an assortment of new stock injectors (238's if I remember correctly)

Is there a homebrew flow rate matching method?

More to come as I think of it....

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