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brandnu6 04-19-2016 02:28 PM

Hello. I am a new member. I have an '87 Turbo-T Limited. Over the last year or so, I have made several upgrades. The engine was pulled and rebuilt. I am in the process of putting all the components on the front of the engine; P.S. pump,belt tensioner,A.C. compressor, and alternator. There are a couple of "rod like" brackets. One of which I think is for the alternator. The other is for the compressor. I believe they both attach at the header stud at the number 1 cylinder. That's where I need help. The only concern I have now is. How does the A.C. compressor bolt up on the bracket? There appears to be 3 12mm threaded holes on the back of the compressor. But I don't recall seeing those bolts. I need some instruction as to mounting compressor. And hardware used. Thanks very much P.S. Images would be great. As I could not find anything online or in any of the books I have that had a Detail of this area. There was always some obstruction, not giving me a clear view.

kenmosher 04-19-2016 04:46 PM

Re: Reassembly
Alternator goes to the bottom stud on exhaust header. Compressor brace goes to the top.

Some of the holes on the compressor are because the bolts go all the way through.

Tried to find some diagrams but really couldn't and pics from my car were too dark.

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