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TURBO2 11-22-2014 08:42 PM

GM has cancelled warranties without notifying customers
Anyone who purchased lifetime Anti-Rust protection or Fabric protection through GM Goodwrench service center in the 80’s are NO LONGER covered by this policy. GM has cancelled the program without notifying any of their customers. I tried to get rust proofing material replaced under warranty on my 1986 Regal to find out that no one answers the phone, it just said “The office is now closed” 24 hours a day. After researching for months and getting nowhere I found a GM Goodwrench fluid specialist that said he could help me find which product was needed for re-coating if I gave him my contract number. After giving him my contract number he never would pick up the phone when I called or answer my voice messages. Calling GM resulted in being transferred to every department there is and everyone claiming they know nothing about it. Chatting with GM was no help either, just getting transferred to someone else until someone asked for my contract number and then I was mysteriously dropped from chat. I finally e-mailed GM CEO, President of consumer relations, and President of legal affairs and got ignored. I re-emailed the above people and said that seen as no one can take the time to answer my concerns I would start a lawsuit. The next day I had a response to call them and they said they would look into it. Long story short, GM will not cover any replacement of material or any rust through damage. The lady kept saying that having had this from 1986 till now was a good run. Really, a good run, a good run is not lifetime protection and is a breach of contract. I would like to find out how many other owners of 80’s cars purchased this protection and still own their vehicles. I am still considering a law suit to try and at least get the original purchase price of the rust proofing back and some extra for all the months of BS they put me through.

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