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Lightbulb Re: MAF Translator

A lot depends on the build you are running. The LT1 MAF is pretty close to the stock MAF diameter, and I would not expect a huge gain from its use. The LS1 MAF is larger, and would offer less restriction. But it all depends on how much air you are trying to suck through it.

Again, a lot depends on the combination. If you stick with a 3" MAF hose or pipe and use a stock turbo at stock boost levels, the improvement will be very minor. If you increase the boost, use a larger turbo, and use a larger MAF hose/pipe, the improvements will really show. Any changes to the motor (i.e. cam, heads, intake) or turbo/intercooler will put more focus on the largest restriction, which can be the MAF.

I've seen and worked on cars that have been in the 11s or high 10s with the stock MAF. The Translator is not a required change to make pretty good power. But it can free up potential by removing its restriction.
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