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Lightbulb Re: MAF Translator

Originally Posted by Shawn N View Post
Well a low 11 high 10 would be ideal or 500hp.
I believe 500 HP in our cars is probably closer to 11.20-11.40, and not a high 10.
Originally Posted by Shawn N View Post
So far the build is TA-60, PTE 23 row slic, blue tops, 70mm plenum and tb, RJC power plate, voltage booster, 340 Walbro hot wired, scanmaster, no cat or emissions, hooker 2.5 cat back, 3" downpipe, ported/polished inlet bell and elbow
IMHO, the TA60, as well as your HP target, requires more fuel. While I have known of a GN that touched 11.20 with a TA61 and 009 42# injectors, that occurred in very cool fall evening conditions, and not on pump gas. A T that I worked on blew a head gasket running lean at WOT after a 11.00 pass with 55# injectors in the summer weather. However, it likely had the earlier Walbro 307 pump vs. the 340, the chip was not a TT, and the timing was more aggressive. Again, the car was using leaded race fuel.

I believe most have found that the 60-series and above turbos make a lot of power at a bit above 20 PSI of boost. Check out their flow maps if you can. Again, more boost requires more fuel, and/or a higher octane or alcohol.
Originally Posted by Shawn N View Post
10.4mm wires
Sadly, most of the larger wires simply have a lot of insulation and a thicker jacket to make them thick, and not a thicker core.

You mentioned a ported elbow. Is that the stock turbo exhaust elbow, or do you have a one piece elbow/downpipe? (i.e. Terry Houston type)

Don't want to get too far off the original topic. I will note that all of the high-10/low-11 cars I have worked on had the stock MAF. Can a larger one help? I believe it would. I don't think changing it will make as huge a gain until higher boost levels (say 24-27 PSI) are explored. And that opens up another frontier of requirements.
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