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Originally Posted by Keller View Post
Care to share any build details? Neither the blue tops or 009s are very high output injectors. I'm guessing you are looking for build capable of high to mid 11s at best. A 3.5" MAF pipe is more than needed, as is the LS1 MAF in my opinion.
Well a low 11 high 10 would be ideal or 500hp. I think it's between 400 to 450hp now with the bolt-ons. I don't take it to the track but I do like to keep the legend alive if someone decides to dare. So far the build is TA-60, PTE 23 row slic, blue tops, 70mm plenum and tb, RJC power plate, voltage booster, 340 Walbro hot wired, scanmaster, no cat or emissions, hooker 2.5 cat back, 3" downpipe, ported/polished inlet bell and elbow, TT 5.7 93 chip, 10.4mm wires with high output coils and Autolite 24's, no tb coolant, 2800 lock up converter, Bilstein shocks, and 235 BFG T/A's so far. I'm currently running 20 lbs of boost with 1 to 2 degrees on knock at WOT on pump gas.
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