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Lightbulb Re: Analyzing ignition misfires - a picture shows why the Casper's tester works!

Sadly, AC Delco has gone to sourcing their coils from China. They are also a slightly different packaging. That can affect the fitment of the tester to the coil.

There are some aftermarket coils that hold to the original packaging and are reliable. One source I would note is Highway Stars / NOS4GN. Their US made coils come with a warranty, have a _very_ reasonable price, and are made in the OEM physical format.

They also offer a very solid module. While also US made and, comes with a *2* year warranty, it does not provide an external tach signal. Many of the aftermarket modules do not. If that is not an issue for you, it is very hard to beat. Note that the external tach signal is necessary to make the Casper's tester work!

Highway Stars / NOS4GN offers all the GM ignition parts as well.

Others have noted the absence of the tach signal on the BWD module in the past.
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