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Default Re: question on getting a 78 Turbo regal into the 12's

It is possible Darrin, but the carb turbo set up isn't an easy project. First thing you'll need to do is change to the 79 up heads, exhaust manifolds/headers, and the 82-83 intake parts. If you haven't worked with a quadrajet before then start reading up on how they work and how to modify them. The turbo will need to be modified as well and that's not cheap. The stock turbo can be made to flow better and the intake ported as well as the plenum where the carb mounts. The carb can be modified to flow as much as 1000 CFM but there are few shops that will do it these days. You might want to visit and do some reading and research. Rich's site will give you a better understanding of the earlier cars and how they work.

Keller is correct that using one of the SFI models is much easier than one of the C/T cars but it can be done. If you're not mechanically inclined quite a bit I wouldn't consider doing it, but if you're used to building engines and chassis then you should be ok. The sticky at the top of this forum is advanced work and shouldn't be undertaken by a beginner or novice. Using the 301 TTA unit is for someone that's well versed in how to modify things.
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