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Exclamation Re: A note to the new users

Many of our newest users seem to not be as familiar with these cars as those who have owned them for much longer.

Totally understandable!

There are some things you can do, as a new user, to help others get your problems solved and figured out.

1) Type in clear, correctly spelled, correctly punctuated English. Don't use phone text shorthand (i.e. b4, LOL, etc.) or slang. It just makes posts hard to read and could hamper getting an answer.

2) Detail what your car and/or combo is. The answers for a '87 T, '84 GN, and '78 Sport Coupe will likely be very different.

3) Having what your car is in your profile is a good idea. It helps others know what you're asking a question about right away. Mentioning that your car (and hopefully, mods) are listed in your profile will save loads of typing in the future.
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