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Lightbulb Re: cruise stalk

The cruise/turn stalk just 'pops' into a recepticle in the turn signal switch that's in the column. The cruise functions are hooked to the wires that are attached to the back of the stalk and pass through the column.

To R&R it, you basically have to remove the old cruise connector under the dash, attach some string (firmly!) to the cruise connector at the bottom of the old one, remove the old stalk, and pull the wires and cruise connector out through the column - leading the pull string with it as you go.

Then attach the cruise connector on the new one to the string, pull it through the column, disconnect the string when it reaches the bottom, attach the connector, and put the stalk in at the top.

Tape the string/connector area so it doesn't get pulled apart. Otherwise, you'll be pretty upset...

Did this on my old V6 Limited, but not on my T. Wish I had pictures and a good writeup. This is something we need on the site.
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