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Exclamation Re: Account Activation

There are many accounts that are started, but never activated. These seem to be mainly from three main 'volume' providers.

- AOL (America On-Line_
- Hotmail (MSN Hotmail)
- Yahoo

There are, at this moment, hundreds of accounts that were opened but never activated.

When looking for your activation codes, please check the 'spam' or 'bulk' folders within your account. Due to the seemingly anonymous nature in which the email from the Forum software is sent, many email systems will assume that it is unsolicited commercial email. (UCE) If you do not watch out, you may delete it and never read it. And thus, never gain access to the site. Please watch for the email, and respond to it as it asks.

Thank you!
Scott Keller - GNTTYPE Founder & Moderator
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