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Lightbulb Re: Ways to verify a true GNX?

Definitely. First, you can check with Rob Wilson. He runs a registry of all 547 cars that were built as GNX's. See his page at

Also, see

The body plate under the hood will have "GNX" stamped on it, and the RPO sticker will have code "T2L" listed.

Plus, there are some clear differences would be very difficult and/or expensive to duplicate. At least 100% correctly.

* Ceramic turbine wheel turbocharger to improve boost response - may be impossible to get replacement wheels for. Many owners remove this turbo and put an upgrade replacement on so as not to risk damaging it.

* CERMATEL (Ceramic/Aluminum) coating applied to the pipe between the intercooler and throttle body and distinctive GNX turbocharger cover to reject underhood heat

* High efficiency intercooler - higher fin count (ala Turbo Trans Am) and labeled specifically for GNX.

* Recalibrated PROM (computer chip) to maximize the advantages of the ceramic turbine

* Auxiliary transmission cooler

* The rear suspension was modified by removing the upper control arms and installing ladder bar, a panhard bar, a cast aluminum rear cover and frame cross brace was added to add an anchor point for the ladder bar. Now reproduced by Dennis Kirban. (

* Transmission - "NEW" cushion servo, pressure spring, first-second gear accumulator bushing and valve, third-fourth gear accumulator spring.

* Free-flow dual exhaust - supposedly just an Olds 442 exhaust. This was needed to fit with the GNX suspension and likely flows better.

* 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels with Goodyear Eagle VR "Gatorback" radial tires (245/50VR-16 front & 255/50VR-16 rear). These are NOT Trans Am wheels. Specific to this application.

* Additional rear seat brace

* Body bushing #5 added

* Full analog instrumentation including tachometer, speedometer, turbo-boost, coolant temperature, oil pressure and fuel level gauges by Stewart Warner. Some leftovers were being sold a few years back, but these are likely gone by now.

* Modified wheel openings with fender flares to accommodate the larger wheels and tires

* Functional front fender air exhausts to improve intercooler radiator airflow

* No badges on the hood bulge. GNX badges on the grille and trunk. Serialized # (001-547) on the dash panel. The number plates were available from GM Parts, and some bought them to try to make money reselling them.
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