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Default Re: Last Grand National ever built?

I happen to have been living in Flint, MI when the last GN was built and have a Flint Journal article about Colvin's car and another car claiming to be the last GN built. The article appeared on June 9, 1988 on page F1. The article details that Colvin did purchase the last GN sold to the public and it was the last GN down the final assembly line in Pontiac MI. The other "final" GN was given away to one of the workers at the Flint Body Assembly plant. The winner of that drawing was Lawrence Morgan of Burton MI. He is pictured with the GN in the article. Morgan claims that he followed his GN down the Pontiac assembly line on December 11, 1987 and there were no other GN's behind his. The process to assemble these vehicles started in Flint and then they were shipped by truck to Pontiac for final assembly which leaves an opportunity to be last down the Flint line but not necessarily the last one finished in Pontiac. If it comes down to the final VIN# that would be Morgan's GN. Great Trivia.
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