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Originally Posted by Mike G View Post
Hmm...what to say....

Bought my GN brand new/original from the dealer, literally drove it off the showroom floor. Bought the last one I knew of in St. Louis in 87.

Was a daily driver for 5-6 yrs, alternating with my motorcycle.

Well, in recent years she ended up sitting alot, as result of health and family issues she's had about 200 miles in 5 yrs. Currently has about 60K on her. She is bone stock other than several accumulator ball/PM replacements. Only things changed were normal service stuff.

So now I am getting her back to road ready, mainly preparing to switch out the Powermaster to a vacuum system. She has a bit of a miss, but that will wait til the brake system is changed.
That sounds like a beauty of a car and, worthy of a restoration.
Welcome to the forum.
Nice to see someone new in here.
I looked at about an 87 or so Riviera. I like that body style, turns out they are a front wheel drive and I do`nt think that My turboed 3.8 will fit that, well, not without a LOT of modifications.
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