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Default Re: Converting to turbo?

Thanks for the quick reply. Great info you gave and to the point. The guy has 3 Regals for sale, might see about a group purchase. Either way, I'd be happy with the non-turbo regardless. I've been looking for a Regal since I got rid of my first one, I just love how they look. For $1500/obo, I haven't found anything similar for this price that's a 20 minute drive away. Until I hit the lottery, this is as close to my dream car (87' GN) as I can get right now. I was just curious about the possibility of an upgrade, and your post was right on point and answered my question perfectly. Thanks for the feedback.

P.S. I also thought they all came with the Turbo, but I found this site where he clarifies that the Base and Limited Regal had the option for the "T" package (Y56) and also the Exterior Sport Package (W02).

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