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Default Re: fuel pump electrical supply, 1984 T-Type

Check fuel pump relay and oil pressure switch (for the non-priming problem).

The pressure sounds good, but the rough running/no start almost sounds like something electrical:
  • Check to see the battery voltage is good ... more than once I've been bitten by low voltage ... the wiring is getting old and brittle in these things
  • Check the grounds at the back of the block/head and the battery strap ground at the bottom of the turbo mount. Bad ground = all sorts of chaos
  • Check the cam sensor clocking and the interrupter ring inside ... if it wiggles or is loose, that's a problem
  • Injectors may be gummed up or bad from bad fuel/old fuel residual
  • Check for good spark ... Casper's coil tester is pretty handy for that
  • Check plugs

That's kind of a brain dump ... hope it's something simple like a ground.
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